Course Overview

ML Finance Academy offers different courses and programs for front, mid and backoffice.

1. CIP Programs

  • Fundamental CIP Program – 4 modules
  • Candidate CIP Program – 8 modules
  • Certified Investment Professional (CIP) Program – 8 modules + writing thesis (applied science) & presenting and defending for exams commission (soft skills)

2. Alternative Investments Program

3. Separate courses

MLFA also offers separate courses and all the underlying courses of the Program are also available separately. All courses mentioned below are the current ones. You can read all about the course information in the attached learning objectives.

Fundamental Certified Investment Professional (CIP®) ProgramCIP Program
1. Financial MarketsLearning Objectives
2. Securities OperationsLearning Objectives
3. Financial MathematicsLearning Objectives
4. Portfolio ManagementLearning Objectives
Candidate & Certified Investment Professional (CIP®) ProgramCIP Program
5. Asset ServicingLearning Objectives
6. DerivativesLearning Objectives
7. Risk ManagementLearning Objectives
8. TreasuryLearning Objectives
Alternative Investments Program
CommoditiesLearning Objectives
Hedge FundsLearning Objectives
Portfolio Management for Alternative Investments
Private EquityLearning Objectives
Separate courses ML Finance Academy
Fixed Income
SwapsLearning Objectives