Course Calendar 2018

For the open enrolments (for a “separate” course) and for the program Certified Investment Professional (CIP), applies the following: if there are less than 8 (eight) participants, the course will not take place. If this is the case, we will of course timely inform the participants.

The list below contains dates for the year 2018; all dates are subject to change. Please contact ML Finance Academy to check the exact dates and to verify if a course has already been confirmed: or 088-2226000.

The class room training is Euro 350,- per module. The study materials are Euro 325,- per module (including 1 exam of 75 Euro).

Through the menu Contact/Apply online you can enrol for a course, after which you will receive confirmation as soon as possible.

Financial MarketsOpen enrolment1 day7 Sept 2018
Financial MathematicsOpen enrolment1 day28 Sept 2018
Securities & OperationsOpen enrolment1 day12 Oct 2018
Portfolio ManagementOpen enrolment1 day7 Dec 2018
DerivativesOpen enrolment1 day14 Sept 2018
Risk ManagementOpen enrolment1 day9 Nov 2018
TreasuryOpen enrolment1 day7 Dec 2018
Asset ServicingOpen enrolment1 day14 Dec 2018
SwapsOpen enrolment1 day
PM for alternative InvestmentsOpen enrolment2 days
Hedge FundsOpen enrolment1 day
Private EquityOpen enrolment1 day
Fixed IncomeOpen enrolment1 day
CommoditiesOpen enrolment1 day
Securities Operations ProgramOpen enrolment2 days
Important datesLength2018
Permanent Education day2 afternoons are obligatory for CIP1 afternoon22 June, 21 Sept, 12 Oct 2018
Finance OpEx Update 2017Optional, collection PE points possible1 afternoon16 Nov 2018
ONLINE Exams1 hrs22 June, 20 July, 24 Aug, 27 Sept, 25 Oct, 22 Nov, 20 Dec 2018