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ML Finance Academy is the specialist in the field of financial education in the Securities Industry. Besides a large number of courses for front, mid - and backoffice, the academy is certified to provide classroom training for the Certified Investment Professional (CIP) program.

ML Finance Academy is also the organizer of the annual Finance OpEx Update. 

All trainings and courses are characterised by their innovative and up-to-date nature and the direct applicability of the gained knowledge in daily practice. 

The study materials used are online available and maintained regularly. MLFA works with trainers who are experts in their area of expertise. You can read more about their experience under Trainers.

This unique approach leads to faster learning and a higher retention of the knowledge gained. 

ML Finance Academy offers a comprehensive list of courses focusing on the stock market, including a unique post-Master certified program Certified Investment Professional (CIP). Of course, we also organise individual tailor-made courses on various levels. Please take a look at our Course Information for more details. 

Are you interested in our courses or do you have more questions? Then please contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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Courses & Exams & Events 
  • 2017

      Financial Markets
    Open enrolment
    1 day
    8 Sept 2017
      Financial Mathematics
    Open enrolment
    1 day
    28 Sept 2017
      Securities Operations 
    Open enrolment
    1 day
    26 October 2017
      Portfolio Management 
    Open enrolment
    1 day

    7 December 2017
    Open enrolment
    1 day
    14 September 2017

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Publications & Literature

Up to date knowledge and skills are valuable assets in the constantly changing financial world. As a professional you want to stay updated and ML Finance Academy can help you with that. For example by organizing our Permanent Education program, offering you a yearly workshop on changes in the financial markets.

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Press Release Samenwerking IEXProfs en ML Finance Academy

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