Course Calendar 2017

For the open enrolments (for a "separate" course) and for the program Certified Investment Professional (CIP), applies the following: if there are less than 8 (eight) participants, the course will not take place. If this is the case, we will of course timely inform the participants.

The list below contains dates for the year 2017; all dates are subject to change. Please contact ML Finance Academy to check the exact dates and to verify if a course has already been confirmed: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 088-2226000.

The class room training is Euro 350,- per module. The study materials are Euro 325,- per module (including 1 exam of 75 Euro).

Through the menu Contact/Apply online you can enrol for a course, after which you will receive confirmation as soon as possible.


Course    Length 2017
Financial Markets Open enrolment 1 day 8 Sept
Financial Mathematics Open enrolment 1 day 28 Sept
Securities & Operations Open enrolment 1 day

26 Oct

Portfolio Management Open enrolment 1 day 7 Dec
Derivatives Open enrolment 1 day 14 Sept
Risk Management Open enrolment 1 day 9 Nov
Treasury Open enrolment 1 day 7 Dec
Asset Servicing Open enrolment 1 day 14 Dec
Swaps Open enrolment 1 day  
PM for alternative Investments  Open enrolment 2 days  
Hedge Funds Open enrolment 1 day  
Private Equity Open enrolment 1 day  
Fixed Income Open enrolment 1 day  
Commodities Open enrolment 1 day  
Securities Operations Program Open enrolment  2 days  


Important dates    Length 2017
Permanent Education day 2 afternoons are obligatory for CIP 1 afternoon 15 Sept, 13 Oct
Finance OpEx Update 2017 Optional, collection PE points possible 1 afternoon 17 Nov 
ONLINE Exams   1 hrs

22 Sept, 19 Oct, 23 Nov, 21 Dec